Fill out the appropriate form and mail it along with other requirements, if any, to the District Office. It is a violation of District Rules for a well owner, well operator, or water well driller to drill any well without the approved form filed with the District.


Exempt Well

Registered Well
Fee: $200.00
$100.00 Application Fee * $100.00 Refundable deposit once District receives drillerís Log

This form is used for well registrations which are only for wells used solely for domestic or livestock purposes.In accordance with the Texas Water Code, Chapter 36 and District Rules, all wells in Gillespie County must be registered with the District.If the well is ever used in the future for any purpose other than domestic or livestock use, a permit must first be obtained from the District.A registered well is an exempt well which includes domestic and livestock wells with the following exceptions:

         Domestic wells that will be attached to an irrigation system (i.e. lawn sprinkler system) where the service area is greater than Ĺ acre are not exempted wells and must obtain a permit from the District and meet production requirements.

         Wells drilled for multi-family use on 10 acres or less are exempted wells insofar as there shall be only one well per lot and that well is used to supply groundwater to no more than four households for Domestic Use Only.

         Wells drilled for the purpose of pumping more than 50,000 gallons of groundwater into surface tank impoundments.In other words Domestic exempt wells maybe used to maintain a maximum volume of no more than 50,000 gallons in surface tank impoundments.This exclusion is not applicable to commercial irrigators who use a surface catchment for temporary daily storage of groundwater prior to irrigation use.




Non-Exempt Well (Permitted Well)

Forms for a permitted well.District Rules require all wells in Gillespie County used for municipal, commercial, and irrigation, inclusive of wells used in landscape irrigation on greater than Ĺ acre and attached to an irrigation system; require permits prior to drilling or operation. Within sixty (60) days after the General Manager has determined the application is administratively complete it will be placed as an agenda item at a board meeting date when the application will be reviewed by the board.Board meeting dates are subject to change. Faxes will be accepted, however the District must receive the original form within 10 working days from the date the fax was sent.Please click on the appropriate form below.

Irrigation Well Application
Municipal Well Application
Non-Community Public Water Supply and Commercial Well Application


New Well: $350.00
$250.00 Application Fee * $100.00 Refundable deposit once District receives drillerís log
Existing Well: $250.00
$250.00 Application

Permit Amendment Request
Amendment Application

Fee: Contact District