The Hill Country Underground Water Conservation District (“District”) monitors wells in different aquifers across Gillespie County.  The water level monitoring network started back in the late 1980’s and has been an ongoing process.  The well monitoring network is used for monitoring the water level changes to assess the current conditions of the various aquifers.   The Ellenburger aquifer hydrographs are listed below the map, and the hydrographs for the other various aquifers (i.e. Hensel, Edwards, Hickory) are under construction.


The District provides the hydrographs as an advisory public service only.  Hydrographs are used to visualize variations in the water levels, if any, in the aquifer. Hydrographs are shown in feet below land surface and feet above mean sea level (MSL).  MSL is a reference point for elevations. Water levels fluctuations can result from a wide variety of hydrologic and hydrogeological reasons (i.e. rainfall recharge, well pumping, drought conditions). The District disclaims any liability for the hydrographs presented.


Ellenburger Monitor Wells


Click or ctrl + click below to open up each hydrograph associated to the corresponding HCUWCD # on the above map.

ER-00775                    ER-01037                    ER-02594

GC-00007                   GI-00008                    GI-00090

GI-00156                    GI-00168                    GL-00101      

GM-00007                  GM-00009                  GM-00013

GM-00017                  GM-00018                  GM-00019

GM-00022                  GM-00023                  GM-00024

GM-00025                  PI-00047                     R-00074

R-00078                      R-00092                      R-00152